Feasibility Study


Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study
Released  : 20 July 2011
Updated  : 28 Jan 2012
Version : 1.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
478 KB
  • Do you need to give quick answer from your board of directors, managers, or colleagues about the proposed projects?
  • Do you have a very good idea that you seek in daily business?
  • Do need a quick judgement whether that proposal is very attractive or not?

If you have all that questions in your mind, this App will try it best to facilitate you to give the quickest answer to that based on economic analysis.

Economic analysis or known as cost/benefit analysis is currently the most frequently used in evaluating the effectiveness of a new proposed project.

Feasibility study aim to objectively and rationally examine your proposed business or opportunity whether it’s gives you benefits economically or it’s just gives you more cost.

We know this applications is still far from perfect, that’s why if you have any slightness idea of improving it, we’ll be gladly to accommodate it.

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