Privacy Policy for Hear & Speak Application

First of all we would like to say thank you for trust in using one of dotstripes App which is Hear and Speak Application. We will try to make an app that will give quality improvement to the children’s hearing and speaking ability and will help parents in educating their children. We understand that the first stage (age 0 to 3 years or in toddler) is one of the best stages in child development. In this stage, they will absorb as much information as they could have. So by teaching them to hear and speak they will immediately imitate. Each Parent wants their children to able to speak fast and understand things fast. So we created this App to help your children to do that by showing images that they see common every day and how they pronounce it and let your children hear it over and over to make them memorize that. This app can help increase your children vocabulary.

The standard language of this app is English. But we fully aware that mother language are the best first language for your children to learn. So we provide the parent to modify the language using their own daily language. Not only that, this app has 2 additional custom categories that will also able you to add, change your preferable images.

Regarding the usage of Hear and Speak Application as called “H&S App” by here we declare that this H&S App will take information from you or your child only for Google Analytic usage. The information’s taken are the information about type of device using H&S App and the location where you’re using it. We guarantee that this information will give no further purposes by dotstripes. For the purposes of Google Analytic will follow under rules and regulation created by Google Analytic.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at or visit our blog at


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