March 2013

Hi All..!!!

It’s been a really long time for us to really turn dotstripes running again. After we are all busy with our own individual life and individual work, now we are trying to establish again dotstripes to give a new touch and new horizon.

With that reason, we are now back with our small and free App. This App is Changing Color. We created this App dedicated for small kids especially babies who loves seeing new thing which in a simple way is color. Who doesn’t like to see color? any babies love it!

Based on that, This App design with a simple slide! with just one small, tiny, and cute baby finger can swipe one of three slider given to generate many kind of color.

We believe this App could stimulus kids eyes in a simple way.

Beside that we add a background sound and sound effect to make this App more attractive for kids.

Hope you’ll like it.

Best Regards,


PS : don’t forget to rate this App!


About DotStripes

Vision : Awareness In Stripes Mission : Create, Modify, and Develop Iphone Applications
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